Knights-Errant is back!
Posted March 28, 2022 at 3:57 am

Hello all! It's been... awhile, but I'm excited to host Knights-Errant on Hiveworks! It's been a busy 5 years for me due to a variety of circumstances, so I feel very fortunate to be able to bring Knights-Errant back. It'll be updating 3 pages a week (M/W/F) from the beginning, but to spice things up I thought I'd add some commentary to these early pages!

The main things I remember from working on the first page was trying to wrestle the perspective ruler in the first panel, and how hard I spent rendering the shading in the third panel. My color style is much less rendered nowadays, so it's interesting seeing this near painter-ly style in older pages... This was also my first attempt at trying to limit my color palettes as much as possible for faster coloring.

For pages 3-4 all I mostly remember is cursing myself for setting in a dungeon. Fun perspective times for the backgrounds. But overall I look back pretty fondly on these pages! 

The card game they're playing is based on Primero, a game from Renaissance times - you can read more about it here! I also referenced a specific deck for the designs but the reference I used has since been lost to the internet...

Also looking back, it's interesting how Beppe is the first character whose face is shown in this version. I wanted to save Wilfrid's face for the title page for a bigger impact, but showing Beppe first just goes to show you how much his role grew between drafts, haha. 

In more recent news, I just released a book with Yuko Ota and Ananth Hirsh called Pixels of You! Please check it out. \o/ 

I'm also doing a short mini-comic focused on Calbraith and Percy for Barbarous that you can see here.