Commentary! (continued)
Posted April 15, 2022 at 3:00 am

Hi all! More commentary incoming. o/ 

I remember redrawing Page 10 a lot since I was struggling to find a simple way to convey the old man's surprise. Figuring out I could just draw him dropping the sticks was a eureka moment - simple in hindsight, but more of an ordeal in the moment lmao. In general this whole sequence was kind of an ordeal. The scene went through many revisions. I was still trying to figure out the tone I wanted to have. There was an earlier draft that was more gratuitously violent but since it didn't contribute anything new, I discarded the draft. 

Notes for 11-12: I struggled with drawing that cart so much! I also probably would have toned down the comedy of the scene if I were to revise it now.